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Professional Development:

Aligning with NAAAP’s mission to cultivate and inspire the next generation of leaders, the Professional Development Committee of NAAAP-Seattle maintains a series of workshops curated by prominent leaders from various industries, including mobile technology, engineering, healthcare, legal, education, food & services, and finance. Our Professional Development Series highlights essential leadership skills for professionals and entrepreneurs in the Seattle area.

Contact congtin.phan@naaapseattle.org for more information about our Professional Development Series.


Community Service:

NAAAP-Seattle partners with multiple community organizations to provide our members with various opportunities to give back. From street cleanups to preparing food at Ronald McDonald House, our volunteers are committed to serving their communities. We are proud to continue the community service program that has been a part of our organization’s history for over 36 years.

Contact lily.liao@naaapseattle.org for more information about volunteering for community service.


Diversity & Inclusion:

Over the last decade, as economies became more global through international trade, companies began to embark on international markets in an effort to increase their sales of goods and services. As more minorities began to enter the corporate workforce, the demographics of this workforce began to change as well. In the beginning, minorities had to overcome obstacles to get certain jobs and were denied certain positions due to ill-placed perceptions of their capabilities. However, the value of a diverse workforce became more apparent as companies saw global sales become a growing percentage of their overall gross revenue.

Multinational companies began to look into their own employee base for assistance to do business in Asian countries. The need for employees who can speak an Asian language has grown, and bi-lingual Asian Pacific Americans now are more sought after in the workforce.
Our Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Series pushes the conversation on Diversity and Inclusion to develop best practices for recruiting, hiring, training and retaining diverse talents. We invite key industry leaders to participate in this collective conversation, and engage professionals so that they can contribute to the development of the D&I programs in their respective industries.



Our internship program provides a broad range of experience, from marketing and research to event planning and project management. We are currently accepting new interns. Contact us at info@naaapseattle.org for more information about our internship program.



Started over 20 years ago, the purpose of the Future Leaders Scholarship fund has been to recognize and celebrate outstanding high school seniors and college students who have demonstrated leadership qualities, community service, and high academic achievement in the Seattle and surrounding areas. Contact us at info@naaapseattle.org for more information about our scholarship program.